Struggles Continue

Despite another win this past Saturday against Wofford, things didn’t look very optimistic for the rest of the season. It started with the first drive as we had 4th and 1 from about midfield and we couldn’t muster up 1 yard when it matters most. This seems to be a theme that has been following Clemson football the last few years and it was a problem many thought would be changed with new offensive coordinator Chad Morris. But despite the personnel, and coaching changes, it seems to be same ole’ Clemson at least thus far. To give Wofford credit, the offense they run to go along with the experience they have definitely played a huge factor in this game. The triple option offense is the great equalizer in all of football as the key to stopping that offense has yet to be found. Unfortunately even despite that you would hope that Clemson would’ve been able to shake Wofford in the 2nd half but that proved not to be the case, as the game was in doubt pretty much until the final whistle.

This upcoming Saturday starts one of the toughest 3 game stretches in Clemson football history. A home  game against defending national champion Auburn, home for a topo 5 Florida State, and then off to Blacksburg to face perennial powerhouse Virginia Tech. As much as I hate to say this, if we don’t win this week against Auburn, I see us not winning any of these 3 games. Auburn is down this year despite last weeks win against Mississippi St. Auburn under Gene Chizik has found an uncanny knack to win close games no matter what the situation. I can’t see this week being any different. This one will be very high scoring so to all  you gamblers out there, over 58 1/2 is looking like a lock this week. Neither defense has proven to be able to stop a nose bleed never mind another good offense like Clemson and Auburn both have. In this end this one comes down to Michael Dyer making one more big play this Andre Ellington and us not being able to get a big stop on 3rd down when we need it. 

Auburn 38 Clemson 35.

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Season Kickoff

After 9 months of waiting and anticipation, Saturday finally came. If you’re reading this and you’re like me, you sometimes despise the thought of having to come back to Clemson for classes. Waking up at 7 to get to your 8am classes about a subject you could care less about. Doing the homework, and the studying, and the reading, taking away time we’d rather spend doing more social activities. But in the end it’s always worth it on Saturdays. Nothing in my life can compare to College Football in the south. The electricity in this town can be felt every week waiting for the game to start at 80,000 plus come in week after week. It’s an amazing atmosphere that I know I will surely miss when I finally graduate. Sure enough, this Saturday didn’t disappoint. Clemson football is basically life for me and many other within about a 50 mile radius in any direction of campus. This blog will go over the previous weeks games and give a predicition for next week’s as well as I am already excited for next weeks game.

Clemson came in this year with a lot of questions. How would offensive coordinator Chad Morris do at his first big time coordinator job in a major BCS conference? How big and immediate of an impact would all the incoming freshman have on this year’s team? How will Tajh Boyd handle the new offense and will he live up to the hype that was bestowed upon him as such a highly rated recruit out of Virginia?  Well for at least one week, all these questions seemed to have a positive answer for Clemson fans. Freshman Mike Bellamy and Sammy Watkins both looked impressive in their first games. Stephone Anthony contributed a sack, and Tony Steward even played a few downs at LB. Chad Morris’ offense got off to a slow start but clicked much better in the second half and a close game at half turned into a rout. I expect to see much of the same next week as Clemson takes on Wofford. We will win, it is just a question of by how much. Hopefully the offense continues to work out its kinks, and the freshman continue to develop.

Next weeks score: Clemson 45- Wofford 13

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